Clinical Biophotonics (Workshop)

  • Chairs

    • Mikhail Kirillin, Institute of Applied Physics RAS, Russia

    • Herbert Stepp, Laser Research laboratory, LIFE Center, University Clinic, Munich, Germany

  • Topics

    • Optical diagnostics in clinical practice

    • Photodynamic therapy

    • Theranostics

    • Laser surgery

    • Translational medicine

  • Scientific Secretary

    • Daria Kurakina

      Institute of Applied Physics RAS, Russia

  • Invited Speakers

    • Ekaterina Borisova

      Ekaterina Borisova

      Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,Bulgaria, Saratov State University, Russia

      Exogenous fluorescence diagnostics of stress-induced gastric cancer – current state and future perspectives

    • Stephen Bown

      Stephen Bown

      University College London, UK

      Photodynamic Therapy for early Mouth Cancer - Battery operated LED light activation with mobile phone fluorescence

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Ralf Brinkmann

      Institute for Biomedical Optics, University of Lubeck, Germany

      OCT guided tumor detection and resection in neurosurgery

    • Sergey Gamayunov

      Sergey Gamayunov

      Tsyb Reseacrh Medical Center for Radiology, Obninsk, Russia

      Noninvasive optical imaging for monitoring PDT in clinic

    • Anna Maslennikova

      Anna Maslennikova

      Privolzhskiy Research Medical University, Russia

      Comprehensive monitoring of the damaging and therapeutic effects on the oral mucosa by multi-functional optical coherence tomography.

    • Tatiana Novikova

      Tatiana Novikova

      CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, France

      Tissue diagnostics with Mueller polarimetry at macro- and microscale

    • Ronald Sroka

      Ronald Sroka

      Laser-Forschungslabor, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany

      Laser induced Lithotripsy - Prospective Developments

    • Herbert Stepp

      Herbert Stepp

      Laser Research laboratory, LIFE Center, University Clinic, Munich, Germany

      Update on interstitial PDT for malignant glioma

    • Alfred Vogel

      University of Luebeck, Germany

      Free-electron-mediated effects of single femtosecond pulses and pulse series in the (intensity/irradiation dose) parameter space.